22 May 2017

Train data in the Netherlands

NS (Nederlandse Spoorwege) is the biggest railway operator in the Netherlands. Recently I’ve found out that that they provide API to share data on trains and prices. API is very simple but quite limited.


21 May 2017

TMUX config

Config of tmux (“terminal multiplexer” if it makes it easier for you…) to allow switching between windows using Alt+number:


23 December 2016

MX backup with a friend

You just finished setting up your MX server and everything works fine. And now you are wondering whether you need a secondary MX server for backups. Some would say that these days you actually don’t need a secondary MX server, because MTAs (mail transfer agent) queue mail if MX server is down. In addition a secondary MX server might be abused by spammers. But just for fun, let’s assume you want to have a backup MX server. And you are lucky enough to have a friend who also runs an MX server which he is willing to configure as your backup server.


04 December 2016

Transmission status from Raspberry Pi 3

I have a transmission client running on Raspberry Pi 3. But what I also wanted is to have a simple way to check the status of this client with a simple glance. Raspberry Pi 3 has multiple LEDs on-board. Luckily, one of them can be easily controlled from a user space.


18 September 2016

Dutch with ease

I’ve just started Dutch With Ease self-study course made by Assimil. It is a language course designed in France that uses a language known to you to teach you a target language. Creators claim that you can acquire an average vocabulary of a few thousands words, gain a command of everyday conversation and reach B2 level in a few months. I am going to try it.


11 September 2016

Dutch challenge

Tomorrow I am starting another challenge with a friend to study Dutch. Actually it is happening exactly after I invited friends and paid for their luch today, because I had lost my previous challenge which was to exercise French every day.


04 September 2016


It is interesting how personal, intimate, social and public spaces vary depending on cultural differences. If you experienced living with people from different backgrounds (for example living in another country) then you probably noticed how different in size these spaces can be.


28 August 2016

Italy or NOT whatever works

Italy is an excellent country to visit. This time it was a short trip in the Northen Italy including Venice, Bologna, Imola and San-Marino. Everything is great about this country, except a few things.


21 August 2016

Trip to Russia or Uber VS Yandex Taxi

Currently I am traveling in Italy, but I have to post something, because of the yet another challenge where I have to make a post every week. So I am writing 200 meaningless words from a car.


07 August 2016

Duolingo challenge

Duolingo is a fun way to learn a langugage. To insipre learning even further we introduced a challenge with friends. The idea is simple. A person who loses a streak on a language fails the challenge. But Duolingo keeps track of global streak only.