Flick roulette

See a random (not completely random) photo on the Flick roulette.

For more details.

Site percolation

Simulation of percolation theory to find if there is a path connecting left side of the grid to the right side via open pixels and to estimate percolation threshold (site percolation).


For more details.

Animated svg viewer

Simple svg viewer which can load multiple svgs and animate them one after another

C-bindings generator from Fortran

It was written to automate generation of C bindings for Fortran, source code can be found here.

! Example of input Fortran90 code:
module SomeModule
  use iso_c_binding
  implicit none
  real*8, bind(c), parameter  :: dbl1 = 1.0d0
  type(c_ptr), bind(c, name="ptr1") :: ptr1
  integer function SimpleFunction1() bind(c, name="SimpleFunction1")
    integer :: a
    integer b
    integer :: c
  end function SimpleFunction1
end module SomeModule
// Generated C-bindings:
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

typedef void* some_ptr_t;
typedef double val_t;
double dbl1;
void* ptr1;
int SimpleFunction1();
#ifdef __cplusplus